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Southern Exposure is proud to be hosting Positive Start in 2022 Camps & Activities.  Is your school eligible https://www.vic.gov.au/positive-start-camps-and-experiences

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For 20 years our number one priority has been “to provide nature based education through our Surf School, Mt Biking and Surf Kayaking Programs in the safest possible way”.

We are the experts in delivering adventure-based activities to Victorian students.

Our strongest focus is on outdoor education excursions and school camps. We provide support and compliment teachers in the organisation of these programs.

For 20 years we have delivered Surf School, Mt Biking, Surf Kayaking & school camp accommodation plus healthy, wholesome catering.

Teachers are using our adventure and journey based learning programs as a platform to promote fitness and health, plus motivate and build confidence and independence in their students.

Students gain survival strategies that last a lifetime and develop a greater team ethos that shines in the classroom.

These programs cover a host of AusVELS Domains

  • Health and Physical Education
  • Interpersonal Development
  • Geography
  • Thinking Processes
  • Communication

We are based on the Surf Coast at the start of the Great Ocean Road 1.2 hours from Melbourne. The region offers a world-class school camp experience – “it truly is an adventure playground”.

Whether you have 2 hours, a full day or multiple days we will tailor a program or camp to suit.

As specialist in school camps and outdoor activities we offer great support to teachers in the planning process. With cabin accommodation (up to 50 students) or camping to wholesome quality catering.

Example – 2 Day 3 Night Program & 2 Full Days Catering


Day Time Activity
1 1-3pm Learn to Surf
2 9-12pm Surf Coast MT Bike Tour
2 1-3pm Surf Kayaking
3 10-12pm Progressive Surf

This year Southern Exposure will organise Programs for more than 15,000 clients from Australia and internationally.

We operate in accordance with DEET Safety Guidelines and the Outdoor Recreation Centre: Adventure Activities Standards for Surfing Lessons, Mountain Biking & Kayaking (www.orc.org.au)

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